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Three Phase Truck Tyre Changer

by Bright
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A three-phase truck tyre changer is a heavy-duty machine used to change tyres on trucks, buses, and other large vehicles. It is designed to handle the larger wheels and heavier weights of commercial vehicles. This type of tyre changer typically operates on a three-phase electrical system and requires a dedicated power supply. Some features of a three-phase truck tyre changer may include a hydraulic system for lifting and lowering the tyre assembly, a multi-axis chuck for holding the wheel in place, a bead breaker for loosening the tyre from the rim, and an adjustable tool head for ease of use. If you are looking for a three-phase truck tyre changer, it is recommended that you consult with a reputable supplier or dealer who can offer advice on the best model for your needs, as well as provide information on pricing, installation, and maintenance.

Brand Bright
Product Code LC588M
Rim Diameter 14'' - 26'' inch
Rim Width 1000 mm
Max Wheel Diameter 1600 mm
Hydraulic Power 130 - 15 bar
Hydraulic Station Motor Power 1.5KW 380V/3PH 50HZ
Main Shaft Motor Power 1.8KW 380V/3PH 50HZ
Noise < 75dB
Packing Dimensions 2100x1650x930 mm
Net Weight 561 kg
Gross Weight 739 kg
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