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Single Phase Truck Tyre Changer

by Bright
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A single-phase truck tyre changer machine offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to operate: A single-phase truck tire changer is user-friendly and easy to operate, even for inexperienced technicians.
  • Time-saving: It can help save time by reducing the manual labor required to change heavy-duty truck tires.
  • Efficient: With its powerful motor and pneumatic bead seater, a single-phase truck tire changer can handle the most challenging tires.
  • Versatile: These machines are designed to handle a wide range of tire sizes, from small car tires to large truck tires.
  • Safe: They are equipped with safety features such as a locking mechanism that ensures the tire is securely in place during the changing process.
  • Durable: A well-built single-phase truck tyre changer can last for many years and withstand heavy use in a commercial setting.
In summary, a single-phase truck tyre changer can help streamline the tyre-changing process, increase productivity, and ensure safe and efficient tyre changes.
Brand Bright
Product Code LC588S
Rim Diameter 14'' - 26'' inch
Rim Width 1000 mm
Max Wheel Diameter 1600 mm
Hydraulic Power 130 - 15 bar
Hydraulic Station Motor Power 1.5KW 380V/3PH 50HZ
Main Shaft Motor Power 1.8KW 380V/3PH 50HZ
Noise < 75dB
Packing Dimensions 2100x1650x930 mm
Net Weight 561 kg
Gross Weight 739 kg
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